SVK fibre cement façade panel range


SVK are a Belgium based company, established 1905

SVK Decorative façade panels – SVK have 4 types of façade panels: Ornimat, Colormat, Puro Plus and Decoboard. Each panel has its specific qualities and advantages. In this way there is a façade panel for every application. Let this impressive collection inspire you and your project. SVK brochure – For all SVK enquiries please call 07496 134132 or to email us click here 

ORNIMAT – Unique, and of premium quality!
These façade panels are finished with a UV resistant
polyurethane paint with a matt finish (Standard) or discrete metal sparkle look (Design).

Gent (BE): Ornimat, colours 60 and 69

Gent (BE): SVK Ornimat, colours 60 and 69. Photographer – Dominique Van Huffel

They are cut to size before being finished.
The edges of the panels are machine-coloured with the same high-quality coating as the front side. This gives them a uniform effect that is unique in the world of fibre cement façade panels!

Colormat swatch

SVK Colormat through coloured fibre cement panels

COLORMAT – Colormat façade panels are lightly sanded during production. This gives a finely lined pattern on the
front side. Due to the matt protective layer, the ageing process occurs naturally. And thanks to the transparent finish, the panels retain the typical look of fibre cement. 
Colormat façade panels are through-coloured and retain their base hue thanks to a transparent hydrophobic finish. The result is a water and dirt repellent panel that ages naturally. Hence, for a subtle appearance Colormat is the right choice. Choose from 4 basic colours or from 8
project colours from 150 m² onwards.

Puro Plus swatch

SVK Puro Plus, the façade panel for those who love a pure, natural look, is a natural grey, untreated fibre cement panel

SVK Puro Plus Natural Grey Maaseik, Belgium

SVK Puro Plus Natural Grey, Maaseik, Belgium

      PURO PLUS – Follow the rhythm of natures’ Natural appearance. The Puro Plus façade panel, available in two standard sizes, is through-coloured natural grey and has a lightly sanded surface that only develops patina by the action of natural elements. 

Puro Plus does not have a coating. Changing weather conditions create a typical, natural play of shades of grey.

Ideal for a façade with a robust but natural look. The lightly sanded surface of the fibre cement exudes the purity of smooth concrete. In this way you create a lovely aesthetic effect with an apparently simple product. 

Puro Plus gives your façade a natural, dynamic look.


SVK Decoboard ref decob0001, Gevelplaten, Belgium

SVK Decoboard white ref decob0001, Gevelplaten, Belgium

DECOBOARD – For a stylish and durable look the 4 standard colours of this coating are timeless and give your façade a modern, stylish appearance for your new and/or renovation projects. The panels are manufactured from the very best raw materials and finished with 3 layers of UV-resistant acrylic paint. From 50 m² onwards, nearly all NCS and RAL colours can be ordered. The Decoboard façade panels in standard colours are always in stock and can thus be delivered quickly. Furthermore, they are available in two formats which again benefits optimization.